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On Wednesday July 15 2020 i ruined a pome written by Sarah Jean Alexander using a website built by Colin Brooks

good Oh! I can

15 mins so perf Im in baby Fortnite is playing like an ele
work as a crooner song holy shit Oh damn! The repo man one is perfect This is g
king rooms are named for warhol stu
and civic-minded, responsible, thrill- seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the man’t sound Y

are saying all day lol It
name tooor we could just find any seats together I think right Oh! OH! Because left was the onl
very excited response lo

and now Meggie is on the tv I KNOW! 1/25/20 w
I haven’t studied in several days
and a society Oh dear Im worried but I can’t help m
bunch but I really only use the ones that came with it. I like one from this one company I think I can led headline is

not from the thread Waht!!! 12 is my new lucky number (except police) YESSS!!! I like it more so
really happy with what we have prior to the new vocals I think I’m gonna use the old pre-cho
find it really satisfying hahahahaha Heyyy! Any time after 6:30 is good Yeah : [ I don’t

and watchin
stealth arsenal for the libs A
ites to cancel I want to help!, Heck yes That sounds amazing. I love Sonny’s. I’ll poke around. Something than anything is
tim to cancel I want to help!, Heck yes That s
are n dode it again Same! Watching boob tube with Meggie but would def game in a bit

5:16 PM Ga
5 hing I’ve heard of them Oh! Seattle I’m in Heck yes. I need to le
use to write it? It
on the way of kings I can’t wait Me, you, Evan, the way, kings... a perfect date Yeah a v bad cover not very excite
a lot Yeah! I think single ones are pretty reasonably tho I bet im misremembering if t

5:16 PM Game? Oh yeah im in I got stuck working the party and if I game I mi
Bering about that In 2006 he was se

Me I’m torn. It kind of fr
awarded a $50,000 unrestricted grant. !!!!! WAHT Oh damn AAAAAA im gonna b